Reconciliation after lockdown? – Podcast #59


2 responses to “Reconciliation after lockdown? – Podcast #59”

  1. Excellent podcast Phill. Clear, balanced, compassionate. I agree with everything you said. It’s important not to allow amnesia/willing blindness/ other agendas to override the genuine emotional fracturing (as well as all the other harms) that has occurred, both on an individual basis and societally. We cannot pretend ourselves into normality, life just becomes more and more fake otherwise. I agree that repentance is required, but am not hopeful that there is enough motivation or will in our (so-called) leaders, or in a very busy, traumatised and increasingly impoverished population. But it would make such a difference! I feel something tight clenched inside me relax a little even at the thought of it. Thanks for the very good work that you do. The care and love that you bring to your podcast are nourishing.

    1. Thank you Penny, I agree with what you say! I hope and pray that God can bring about reconciliation even when there seems little human hope. God bless, Phill (and thank you for the comment on Telegram, I presume that was you as well!)

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