War on Creation and why conservatism failed – Podcast #681 min read

In this podcast we look at how so much of what is happening is War on Creation, and also why it is that conservatism has failed to make an impact.

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2 thoughts on “War on Creation and why conservatism failed – Podcast #681 min read

  1. Just to reinforce what you were saying about humanity being “the crown of creation”, God himself came to earth as a human being – what greater endorsement than that.

    In your 2nd part the problem is that the government and our archbishop pushed us to take the jab as our duty to society against our own individual freedom to choose what was best for us.

    1. Yes indeed, there can be no greater affirmation of humanity than that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

      The vaccine mandates were one of the most egregious things that have happened in the last three years, and the fact that the Archbishop and many clergy supported it (or even did not speak against it) I think says a lot about why we are where we are. I think I’ve spoken before about the way that the church now is not defending freedom – which makes me wonder if it understands the gospel message at all.

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