“Is Satan woke?” – podcast interview

I’ve done a few interviews over the last couple of years with Julian from The Mind Renewed podcast. I did an interview last week, which is now available to listen to here. This is the blurb:

Strange as it might seem—given that Phill’s ordained, and I’m a Methodist lay preacher—this time we centre our conversation in the character of “Satan”, or “The Satan” (to be more precise). Reflecting upon the clear manifestation of Evil in the world (particularly over the last three years)—and trying to make sense of the strange, seemingly ubiquitous eruption of (what one might call) “woke” sensibilities in recent times—we discuss questions such as: Who, or what, is “The Satan”? What does “he” do? What sort of influence does “he” have in the world? Where did “he” come from? Has “he” always been this way? What is that “serpent” in the Garden of Eden narrative anyway? Just a snake? Or have we been missing something deeper—that perhaps the prophets Ezekiel and Isaiah hint at—that might tell us something about “his” origins?

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  1. Mr John Corcoran avatar
    Mr John Corcoran

    Hello Phil,
    I have listened to Julian Charles some years ago and latterly over the covid scamdemic as I choose to call it. I think to understand evil (as much as that is possible) we have to view satan as at back of all that is happening so that he will attempt to establish a rival kingdom than God’s. He is doomed to fail, of course, but that does not appear to be in his thinking. His nature has been affected by his fall, (evil was found in him) and he is now irredeemable, and of a perverse mind, and intends to destroy the image of God in creation as well as in humanity. Genesis 6 and Psalm 82 is key to the fallen angels (watchers) and Dr Heiser’s exposition of the Divine Council. This is indeed a huge rabbit hole as Julian says, and many in the Evangelical community will avoid it. However, if we want explanations and to have some understanding of prophecy and current events, this is a key to some understanding.

    1. Thank you for commenting John. Yes I agree with you, that the church has very little understanding of Satan and evil at the moment. I have added Dr Michael Heiser’s book to my list, I will be able to read it in the next few weeks and maybe make it the subject of a podcast. It’s certainly an area I haven’t explored nearly enough.

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