Cheesy Tunes

Cheesy was good tonight! It was the last one of term and of the academic year 🙁 It’ll feel strange not going out on a Friday night for the next few months… having said that, you get used to it after a while. So yes.

Afterwards I drove Foz, Kev L and Phil B back home. I didn’t hit anything again! There were one or two moments… I parked the car around the block from me. I managed to parallel park! I haven’t done that since I was learning! Admittedly, it was a rather large space but I got in nonetheless. I hope I haven’t taken someone’s usual spot, but then again… if I have, tough luck! 🙂 It’s every car for him or herself these days… I might move it to outside our house tomorrow if the space outside is empty.

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Right then, I’d like to be off to bed but I want to stay up a bit later considering that I’m going to be up until 5.30 tomorrow morning. Sunday morning! I might just stay up til Andy gets back. Lots of Red Bulls at the Summer Ball I should think!

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