The Real Big Friday and Saturday1 min read

Or whatever. Yesterday, I went onto campus for my 12:00 class. Then I left, and went back home. Spent the afternoon not doing anything in particular, then I went onto campus then round to Philippa’s. Got there at about 5:30, stayed there until about 7:45 and then left for Waffles for Sharon’s birthday. Sharon is one of Philippa’s old flatmates. That was quite good… stayed there til about 9:00, then left for Cheesy Tunes.

Cheesy Tunes was actually quite good last night, although I just realised how strange it is without some of the old cheesy tunes posse down there (Phil B, Phil P etc). Not many of the second and third years are coming, and only a couple of the first years came. So not the best night I’ve ever had! Was quite enjoyable though.

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Anyway. Afterwards, some of us headed to SX Express for a hot chocolate, and then went down to the chaplaincy to watch some random animations on, and then Alex and I headed for home. We eventually got back at about 2:00 this morning!

Then, it was up again this morning, and onto campus for my radio show followed by the CU mix. Three hours in the studio of a Saturday afternoon… it’s quite a long time! I don’t know how I managed to do it so many times last year.

Ah well. Anyway, this evening I might do some work on my computer vision assignment. Or watch a film. Or do some washing up. Or a combination of all three and more. You never know…

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