The Real Thursday

As opposed to that horrible, nasty fake Thursday that I posted about this morning.

Well, I went onto campus for my 12:00 committee meeting. At about 2:45 I finally got around to going to a computer lab do try and avoid doing some work. Something backfired though, and I actually managed to get a good proportion of my CC351 assignment done! Shocking!

Anyway. Then I went for dinner with Philippa at 5:00, and then I went to theology seminar at 6:00. It was very interesting. The guy who spoke was the BBC Essex religious affairs producer. I didn’t really have a problem with what he said until he started talking about… well, basically all religions lead to God. And he told Joe that the gospels only having minor contradictions on unimportant issues was wishful thinking. And that Matthew teaches we should go and sell all our possessions. And the gospels were written by spin-doctors who put their version of the truth on things.

Having said that though, apparently Alex and Philippa had been talking about ‘all religions leading to God’ earlier in the day, they seemed to quite enjoy it. I might have to strongly rebuke them (in Christian love) soon…

Ah, I’ve just been having a weird couple of days. Unfortunately, it’s nothing that I want to talk about on my blog which can potentially be read by anyone who has access to a computer! And of course, if I start using this blog as a platform to air all my personal issues than no-one will want to read it. Actually that’s probably not true, more people will probably want to read it because everyone wants to read about someone else’s problems. I think it makes us feel better, if we know that someone else is having problems as well.

Still, all I have to say is that it’s sorted now. God is a top, uh, deity 🙂

Right. Rock on. And Rithmetic (no wonder the kids of that era couldn’t spell…)


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