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Well, I think just about every single blog post I’ve ever made is now on here! Yay! There were a couple of issues, in that the imported stuff doesn’t appear to have a category, but apart from that it’s all here. I’ve managed to import all my old blog posts from X-Blog and Blogger, so I’m all set to go!

It’s quite easy to import stuff actually, except for the the few problems I mentioned. I was able to hack together a script, no probs. Took a couple of hours from installing WordPress to having all posts imported… that’s pretty good going!

Do you want to learn the Bible and the Christian faith? Check out my other website:

I’m going to take a break now, I think I’ve earned one!

Edit: Well, it seems to have missed a few out towards the beginning of the blog. There aren’t any of the first posts I made on Blogger… not that it matters! I’m through with importing things 😉

Edit (again): Nope, it’s all there OK! For some reason it’s not showing up, but all the posts are there OK. Just have to figure out why they’re not showing up – I’ll do it later 😉

5 thoughts on “All there now…

  1. Heehee, just realised above your comment it says, “Simon says” *ahem* anyway.

    Apparently all my blog posts have been imported fine, apart from the lack of categories on the ones I imported from the custom system. The problem I mentioned was me not realising the archive pages have scroll links through them – doh!

  2. Muppet!

    Speaking of noticing things, I take it you’ve noticed that it says “Phill Sacre is proudly powered by WordPress” at the bottom of every page!

  3. I did notice that, but I just haven’t got round to doing anything about it yet! I am going to make a custom template for WordPress I think, but that will have to wait for a while. Which is why I’m leaving it at this URL instead of making it my main site! – I just want everything to look how I want it to rather than looking like a template.

  4. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you! I think I might have to stick with one of the ready-made templates – but, having said that, I’m quite happy with the new one I’ve just adopted!

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