Again, No updates for over 24 hours!!!

That’s because I was out for a sizeable proportion of yesterday. Let me begin at the beginning…

Committee Meeting 11-1:00. That was fun, as they always are! 🙂 Seriously though, I do enjoy them, there are a great bunch of people on committee. We all get on really well which is a good thing!

Then I went round to Joe’s and Foz’s place to watch all six episodes of the first series of “People Like Us.” Absolutely fantastic stuff!

Then, back to campus to do a guest mix on Mark’s show (Mark’s a guy I met last week who heard my show and liked it). That was pretty cool… then, long time in few words, went down to the bar, then cheesy tunes, then Spin.

And I haven’t really done much today! Oh the fun 🙂


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