The Latest Craze…

Join the latest craze sweeping the chaplaincy! (and other related places…) Play FIBRIS!!! Fibris is a Tetris-clone. If you do want to play it, make sure you play under the “Essex Uni” group 🙂

I haven’t really done all that much today. This afternoon I spent a while DJing, just practising. Then I went into uni, handed in the individual submission for my group project, and went to an embedded processors lecture.

Then I came home… it’s an exciting life! Spent forty minutes chatting to Phil, he’s got his final year project due in tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it, this time next year I’m going to be in the same situation!

Apart from that there’s not much really to report.

So, uh, back to playing Fibris (trying to beat Mad Welshman Phil’s score…)


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