For Phill, it was a normal Tuesday…

… and for everyone else, he has no idea, but assumes it was pretty normal for them as well.

I am currently sitting in a computer science lab prevaricating. I know that I have to do some work but I’ve got ages. Oh yes. I’m going for pancakes at Paul’s house at 6, before CU, which should be fun. Pancakes are always good providing someone else is making them for you. If you’re making them yourself you say you have the satisfaction of cooking something yourself, but of course in my case that means you have a pretend satisfaction because in reality they’re just horrible. Not that I’ve ever really tried making pancakes… ok, I’ll shut up now.

And why do I keep making typos today? For some reason I keep swapping letters around on my right typing hand. Not to mention adding the odd letter in. You won’t notice this, of course, because I just keep having to correct it, but it is annoying. Of course I am a prefect speler.

Anyway. All aboard for the group project train! I’ve just picked up the first part from the general office… 67% which isn’t bad, considering that we weren’t expecting to get all that much (well, I didn’t even know if the thing had been handed in…)

Anyway. All’s fair in love and war. I might re-design this blog at some point, I’ve just been looking at some of the really nice designs people have been coming out with and they rock! This one I’m happy with (it’s fairly basic) but it could use some improvement. Ah well, I guess the grass is always greener…

Later, my fine blog-reading friends.


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