Ah, the fun of Java

Well, after the last post I had a rather fun early evening programming my second java assignment. It’s taking shape… doesn’t have to be in for two and a half weeks, but might as well get ahead of the game! Got a couple of other things to be going on with so the earlier it’s done the better.

Anyway. Then I went round to the CYO Office, to play some tunes with Rich which was good fun. It’s good just to chill out with some good music! Although the music isn’t “chillout” but… you know what I mean 😉

Now I’ve come back, spent some time chatting to random people on MSN and I’m going to start reading this book I bought over the weekend, “The Cross of Christ.” I think it’s about doctrine and about the centrality of the Cross to the Christian message. It looks pretty good.

Then I’m going to go to bed!

I lead such an incredibly fascinating life, don’t I? ……


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