Fusion Social and things

The Fusion Social in the end wasn’t too bad. There were six of us: Me, Becca, Paul, Richard, Philippa (usually just “Phil” but to distinguish between them all better be specific) and Paul’s friend, Bod whos real name is Matthew but no-one ever calls him that. We went to Pizza the Hutt, and then on to Spoofers. That was good fun!

I’m going to have to try and make a demo CD for Spoofers. I asked about it and he said it was cool, hand one in, so I think I will! I’ll have to get around to making a tape first but for the first time in ages I seem to know what kind of mood I want to create! I know roughly where to pitch it, which is good 🙂

Anyway. All’s fair in love and DJing, or whatever 😉


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