Haven’t updated today so I thought I might as well. You know, as you do…

Anyway. This morning / early afternoon I spent some time on my decks just trying to work out a tracklist for the demo I’m going to give in to Spoofers. I really, really hate doing demos — I can never get it quite right! Ah well, I’ll just have to make up my mind to record something and give it out without trying to be too pedantic!

Anyway. Then I went in to get some more of my embedded processors assignment done… I’m beginning to get the hang of this assembly language thing! I’m beginning to feel a little more confident that I will eventually get the assignment done at least!

Then I went to the lecture, went round to Philippa’s to pick up a Spin ticket for tomorrow night (she’d won one on the radio), chatted for half an hour and then headed back to the chaplaincy for Tower Evangelism. This is where we go into the flats in the towers and do people’s washing up, and do surveys and ask questions if people are agreeable. We got a few good responses to that tonight!

Anyway. I’m going to leave it there for the moment, back to the ol’ Java assignment (still got a couple of weeks to do it, but my reasoning is if I can get it done soon then there won’t be a mad rush at the end of term.)


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