Once again, yet another 24 hour period passes without an update

This is my version of Sunday evening, although it will display as Monday morning. Oh well. I’ll bring you up to speed, so they say…

It was mother’s day today. This morning was a mother’s day family service, it was pretty good! It’s always interesting to have something different happening. I bought Mum a card and a box of chocs although I didn’t actually get around to giving them to her until this afternoon… oh well, she didn’t seem to mind too much!

This afternoon I didn’t do much. And this evening I didn’t do much. I spent some time reading (now only 100 pages left of “The Cross of Christ” — wooo!!). I spent about an hour and a half chatting to Andy B — first time I’ve had a proper chat with him since Christmas-time, hence the long time!

Did a bit of mixing… this evening I watched a film called “Black Dog.” I saw it a few years ago and quite enjoyed it so I decided to watch it again, it’s just finished. All about trucks and people fighting each other in trucks (kind of like the bit in “The Fast and the Furious” but more that kind of stuff, if you know what I mean. If you don’t, tough. That’s your fault.)

And now I’m going to bed… I don’t know about these early bedtimes you know, what next — going to bed before midnight? Honestly, I don’t know what these students are coming to these days…


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