“It’s just another day… like any other day…”

So goes Skip Raiders – Another Day. Which samples Barber’s Adagio for Strings. Which is on William Orbit’s album, “Pieces in a Modern Style.” Which I bought today. Which I am listening to now. It’s a great album, chilled classical stuff, highly recommended! Also is “Classical Ambience” — very chilled as well, again recommended.

And in a completely different vein, I also bought David Forbes – Answers, Impact – Hands of Faith and The Roc Project – Never (Filterheadz Remixes). All good tunes, I was actually quite impressed! Definitely a cut above the flip n fill / kelly llorenna etc cheesey crap that’s coming out nowadays. Well not even that.

This is what I don’t like about this kind of music — it’s not cheese, and it’s not proper trance / dance — it’s somewhere in the middle. Which doesn’t really make it anything. Ah well…

Anyway, bought those in town, then came back, did some revision for Computer Graphics, had dinner, watched a Perry Mason film… and wrote up this Blog.

And that’s it folks! Talk to you soon…


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