Took her for a drink on Friday

Took who for a drink? No-one, I was just doing this like Craig David’s “Seven Days” thing… oh nevermind. Just to update you; I was up last night until 2AM finishing off my java assignment. Typical computer scientist, I can’t work on these things during the day… anyway. I’ve got it finished now which is a load off my mind! I may even upload the code if you’re really so bored that you want to know… (or just want to cheat or something)

Anyway. This morning (or afternoon, by the time I got in) it was a World Cafe. Good just to meet some international students and chat to them for a bit. Then I came down to csclab4 for a group project meeting. We’re all going to meet up on Monday to try and get this project finished, which will be another load off my mind! And my embedded processors assignment is coming along nicely, so hopefully next week will be a virtually stress-free week ๐Ÿ™‚

All good fun! Huzzah! CU Social tonight, we’re going to Rollerworld. Not sure whether I’ll actually go skating or just watch people trying to skate, but it should be good fun either way. I’ll update you later, as usual… before that, now back to Joe’s house to watch some Family Guy (or possibly League of Gentlemen) ๐Ÿ™‚


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