Didn’t do all that much. As usual. Went into uni then onto Wivenhoe to look around “The Chick’s House”, as it is affectionately known by those who know… the chicks (Sarah, Katie, Naomi & Suzi). Frank and Barney live there as well but apparently it’s still the Chick’s house… anyway.

Anyway, I’ll probably be living there next year (along with Mad Welshman Phil, Alex, Ash, Sarah and Suzi). It’s a very nice house, a fair walk from uni but then again so is the house I’m in now. It should be good fun!

Then I came back, went to my lecture about morphology (or something like that) in robotics, then onto theology seminar. This week the title was something like the struggle against human nature (or just sin). Was very interesting, some good discussion!

And then I went home, and ended up where I find myself now — trying to avoid doing any work.

Great fun!


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