And a very happy un-birthday to you!

Unless it’s your birthday, in which case a very happy birthday to you! But anyway. I’ll just say it straight out: I didn’t do much today. I hardly need to say it really, do I?

So anyway. I did the usual (revision, mixing, reading — actually, nope, didn’t do much of that today. Will probably read a bit now though.)

And, um, well… that’s all I’ve got to say today. No astounding revelations or anything. Oh well… tomorrow is a Thursday. I will probably go into town and perhaps buy that databases book (CC254 Databases is the only course which I didn’t really attend. In fact, I think I only went to three lectures out of 20. Oh well… I got 83% in the courseework or something, unfortunately the exam and the coursework are two different things…)

So, um, I’ll leave you now… instead of me rambling on, you know, like I usually do. And just carry on stuff to make the blog look longer even though there’s not really much there.

So, lovely weather we’ve been having recent… *sounds of Phill being strangled*


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