Happy, uh, Tuesday

Yay! It’s Tuesday!!! Or, uh, whatever. I was going to post up an April Fool’s joke here, but then I realised that the whole site is virtually an April Fool’s joke, so there you go. I think the whole thing is a bit stupid anyway… oh well.

Guess what? No really. Seriously, guess what.

I didn’t do much today!!! Woo-hoo!!! Did an hour or so of revision, going through my Networks notes from CC255 “Operating Systems and Networks.” Fascinating stuff, oh yes. Had lunch, went out for a walk, got wet, came back into the dry, mixed for a while, read another chapter of “The Cross of Christ”…

You see, the problem is now I’m not doing anything ‘big’ I have to say the small little stuff. Oh well.

I won’t stoop to the level of telling you what I had for my meals, that would just be overkill (it was Cornflakes this morning, Sandwiches for lunch and a resotto for dinner, by the way).

Au revoir, my fine furry friends.


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