Finished it!

Yep, I’ve finished “The Cross of Christ” (virtually — got about four more pages to read after I’ve written this.) I have to say, it’s probably one of the best defining books of the Christian faith I’ve ever read (not that I’ve read many…) The CU committee at the moment are on a bit of an evangelism drive, after the UCCF training weekend. However, I’m not entirely sure that the right way to go about tackling the problem of doing more evangelism on campus is just to tell people that we need to evangelise or even just running more events. No, I think the way of tackling it is getting people to do things like read a book like “The Cross of Christ”, get themselves sorted out, and find out what we need to be doing personally and not just in groups. Then we can move forward as a group and really begin to serve people. I was a bit worried that we were just going to start doing something like Tower Evangelism a bit more often and dealing with it like that instead of going to the roots. Still, I’m pretty confident that that’s not going to happen and things will begin to move forward properly 🙂

Anyway. What did I do today? Well, I’ll give you half a guess (three is just overkill). Not much, I hear you half-say? That’s right. I really didn’t do all that much today. I did, however, finish off that mix I’ve been talking about for the past couple of days. I’ve now got it saved on my computer, and have been trying to upload it for the past two hours (hence why this blog update is so late / early) without success. I don’t know why, but it seems to get half-way through and then crash. or at least, my connection seems to freeze after about 25 minutes. I blame Freeserve, personally. If anyone is considering using them as your ISP – DON’T! They suck. I don’t change though because of the effort that would involve (and plus I’m on a cable connection at uni).

Um, and yeah. Not really anything else of note to report, so I’ll just let it go and get back to read the last couple of pages and then back to bed!


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