Party people, hey, it’s Friday night…

But I’m not a party person, or at least not for the moment, so it’s OK. Anyway. Today I spent several hours trying to record the mix that I worked out a tracklist for yesterday. I quite like the tracks, it’s just I want to get this one perfect which is a very difficult thing to do! I’m going to work on it more tomorrow, hopefully get something recorded soon.

Apart from that, I spent some time revising Computer Graphics — I’m now up to the last set of lecture notes! Of course, I haven’t bee going over in any great detail but that doesn’t really matter — the important thing is that the ideas are going back through my head again after not having done the subject since Christmas.

I might read a bit more of “The Cross of Christ” now — I’ve only got three more chapters to go (12, 13 and the conclusion). Yay! I’ll be glad to finish it. Then I can get onto those evangelism books I bought at the UCCF conference, hopefully they won’t take as long to read! I might go for something a bit lighter (“Sowing, reaping, keeping” looks fairly light and not too heavy – I might try that one!)

Other than that, I haven’t really got much else to say.

See you guys later!


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