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I thought I’d post a blog again, seeing as I’m not going to get around to posting one this evening probably! The day so far: I went in for my 11:00 databases lecture, which was muchos funos. Oh yes. The most exciting databases lecture I’ve ever been to… NOT!!! Although considering I only went to three the term before last, it wouldn’t have been hard…

Then was committee meeting. Although because of my lecture I missed the first 45 minutes, it was still the shortest committee meeting ever including what I missed! I arrived, we carried on for another ten minutes then prayed and finished. It’s amazing, you know…

Then I had lunch with Matthew, and headed back home where I have been doing not much really. I guess I should start revising in earnest at some point, but I haven’t reached that point just yet…

Anyway. Tonight I am going to cheesy tunes followed by Spin. To be honest I really don’t know why I go to spin, I’m not a big fan of r’n’b. But tonight should be a bit better as there a few more people going 🙂


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