Monday’s Blog

Although this will say Tuesday (because I forgot to update until just after midnight), this is, in fact, Monday’s blog. Anyway. What did I get up to today?

This morning I went into town. “Monty Python’s Life of Brian” was released on DVD today so I bought that. Now I have all three Python films (Holy Grail, Meaning of Life as well) — there was a compilation of the Python films released today as well though which included “And Now for Something Completely Different”. If that ever gets released separately I may well buy it (although I think Joe has a copy of it on video).

This afternoon, I went with my parents to “Newbourne Springs”. It’s a lovely little lake in the middle of the countryside (a little village / hamlet called “Newbourne”, surprisingly enough). There’s a walk round it which is really nice on a day like it has been today (sunny, although not too warm and not too cold).

Um, and I watched (obviously) the Life of Brian, some of Jay & Silent Bob Strike back… some random film in the evening… all good fun!

And I’ll leave it there. Yes. I will do that. Absolutely. I’ll stop prevaricating and


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