This is the longest and most meaningless title of any blog yet

At least, I think so. Oh well. So, what did I get up to today then? Nothing much really. I do have a new word of the week though (and not in the Crossring sense…):


I have no idea what it means! Something about WA -> WB -> X is the same as WA -> WX. I don’t know! I didn’t go to any of those lectures… that was the first time I read through the notes today. Guess who’s going to be going to all the revision lectures? 😉

Um, and there’s not really much else to say of note — just the usual. I did a great mix, I wish I’d recorded it now… really energetic trance mix. Started off with Yahel – Voyage (DJ Tiesto’s Magikal Remake) and finished with Marc et Claude – Lovin’ You ’03 (Marco V Remix). Ah, I’d love the chance to DJ out! Properly, that is, not just as background music… somewhere like Gatecrasher. Oh well, I can always dream.

All for now, folks!


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