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I won’t bother typing much out tonight. I didn’t do much of note today (apart from the usual stuff) except get my hair cut. I thought it would be a good idea to get it cut, especially as I’m going back to university on Monday and the barber’s doesn’t re-open until Tuesday…

Talking of going back to uni, I’m both really looking forward to going back and dreading it at the same time. Looking forward to it because I’ll be with all my friends again etc etc (I really enjoy uni life) — but dreading it because I’ve got exams coming up this term which I’m really not looking forward to! I have been revising and over the course of this holiday I’ve been through all my notes once (at least for the first five courses; the other two I’ve done more recently). That just scared me though, because it made me realise just how much I have to learn… Ah well.

Oh, and today I read an article in The Times (and watched the “Horizon” they mention at the end of the article) about something called “Neurotheology.” It’s basically that scientists have found a part of the brain (the temporal lobe) which, when stimulated, seems to produce a “religious experience.” It can be taken in different ways, but the atheist scientists out there seem to be taking it as evidence that we ‘evolved’ the need for God — that we do have a deep-seated need for God in ourselves but this doesn’t actually come from the fact that God created us, rather that we evolved like that for some reason… hmmmm. Oh well. Oh, and I found this linked to from the article — it’s quite funny, you should give it a read 🙂

Right, I think that’s me done here. Peace out.


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