Ok. I’m currently sitting in the chaplaincy with Anne-Marie, Alex and Mad Welshman Phil. We’ve just come from Cheesy Tunes. I have to say… they did start out playing some really cheesy stuff. It was good ๐Ÿ™‚ Then about half-way through the time I was there, they started playing some non-cheese. Hmmmm. I wouldn’t mind if they’d played the cheese at the end, but playing it at the beginning… well it’s turning into Spin! Grrr.

Oh well. “Rat Race” and “Essex Boys” arrived through the post this morning from, so I’ll probably watch Rat Race when I get back home. It’s an absolutely fantastic film! One of the best comedies of recent times.

This afternoon I did actually manage to get some revision done. I started going through a databases past paper, which had the answers on it (well, they were more revision notes but whatever.) That was quite useful…

And hopefully I’m going to see Matrix Reloaded on Friday! I’ve heard that it’s an excellent film, I loved the original version so I’m looking forward to seeing the next one. Right, that’s just about it… all for now. Seeya…


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