New Design Coming Soon

I’ve been working on a new design for this blog and it should be coming soon! I’ve very nearly finished it, so keep ’em peeled. As with pictures from Simon’s party last Saturday, still awaiting those!

What have I been up to today, I hear you cry. From all that distance. The answer to that question would have to be not much. I did a little bit of CC262 revision earlier, which basically just said: “Go buy the book.” Then I went into town with PhilB and Foz, bought a few records on offer from Time, bought a DVD and another couple of records from Virgin, and then came home and watched Mallrats with Foz and Philippa. Then we ate a pizza and are now about to watch “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” Oh the fun! Woo-hoo!

I shall post later as well. I don’t know why, because there won’t be much else to say. Perhaps I’ll do some more revision. Perhaps I won’t. Either way, I shall do something.


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