The rest of today

As you may well have guessed from my last entry, I didn’t actually do anything exciting today. Well, not on the revision front at least. Not that any revision I do IS exciting, but there you have it.

I came out of the computer lab, went down to the chaplaincy and was recruited to put posters up for the CU barbeque we’re having tomorrow at 1PM by the lake! Be there or be a four-sided shape with sides of equal length!

Yes. Then I went back down to the chap and chatted to people for a while. Then I went to Top Bar with Mad Welshman Phil. Actually, that’s not exactly true — we went to the SU bar to have some food and a drink, then went up to Top Bar. Then I went to my 5:00 lecture, wonderful stuff. Then onto theology seminar, entitled cunningly “Everything you ever wanted to know about celibacy but were too afraid to ask”. Father Martin, our local catholic chaplain, did that one. It was actually pretty good, the unfortunate side effect being that I am now worried about single, alone and unloved somewhere in a ditch and no-one notices my death for days… (or just dying as a bachelor. Same thing really.)

Yes. Um, then I came home, stopping off at Joe’s on the way to watch the Mafia episode of “Family Guy”. Now I might try and do some song lyric re-writing or perhaps just some remixing… I don’t know yet… 🙂


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