Last day in Colchester…

Well, this was my last day in Colchester for the time being! I may well come back sometime in the near future, but it won’t be the same. So what did I do? This morning I went onto campus, I met up with Philippa for a drink (and scanned some photos of Megan’s party as well). Becca joined us after a while. It was really nice, the last time I’ll be able to do that especially with Becca for a while! *Phill wipes a tear from his eye*

Anyway! In the afternoon Philippa and I went round to Alex’s to watch “The Empire Strikes Back” followed by dinner in Sizzlers followed by going back to Alex’s to watch “Return of the Jedi” and “Spaceballs”. Mad Welshman Phil joined us for the second two films and Anne-Marie joined us for Spaceballs. Overall it was a good afternoon / evening!

It feels weird. I really shouldn’t be leaving so early! I’m not going to see my friends from here for ages! Having said that, two months or so goes by very quickly, especially if you’re doing the same thing every day or week…


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