… And first day back at home

Yep! Early this afternoon I packed my stuff into the car, and back we came. There’s not much else to say really! I’ve pretty much unpacked everything — I’ve certainly got more than I left with last October!

I guess the main thing is now I have about 300 records, having left with about 80…

Speaking of records and DJing and the like, I’ve just ordered some new speakers. I have a new amp, of course I can’t actually test it until I have the speakers but when I turn it on the lights come on and the ‘fault’ light turns off as it should so no problems there … yet!

Ah, it feels weird being at home. It hasn’t really shown today because I haven’t been home for long, but the pace of home life is so different from the hectic rush of uni life. At uni I’ve got places to go, people to see, work to do (occasionally), and chaplaincy lunches to have. Here, there’s not much. Until I get a job, there’s really nothing for me to do! I’m going to see about getting a job fairly soon — I don’t think the placement I applied for is going to work out, so it’ll be down to the temp agency soon!

The ironic thing is that although home life is so slow, three months can go be incredibly quickly. There are about two months until the contract on my house starts up for next year, and another month until I’m finally going to move in. Only twelve weeks until I go back to uni. That’s only two weeks longer than a term. And terms go by very very quickly…

Anyway, I will bid you goodnight! The only thing I will say is that my blog may not be updated so regularly because of course things don’t happen here as much. I might just save all the news and make a big-ish post once every few days. Not that there’ll be much news to save, it’s a relative thing. Oh well…


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