Told you, didn’t I

I told you I wouldn’t be updating as much! But I will update every two or three days at least. Hopefully…

Yesterday… wait for it! I didn’t do much! Woo-hoo! Went out for a walk yesterday afternoon, spent some time reading… watched a film in the evening about Anne Frank…

This morning I went to Church. It was OK, apart from the pianist playing a couple of songs like a dirge! I really hate it when people in Church sing songs as if they really do’nt mean it. Admittedly I’m as guilty of that as anybody considering that I really don’t like a lot of the old songs that we sing, but even some of the newer ones? Once I graduate I’m going to find a Church that I actually like — no offence to the one I go to now (at home, not in Colchester) but I only really go there because of my parents. This is turning into a bit of a rant, isn’t it?

On a more positive note, this afternoon I spent most of it working on a new remix of “Over the mountains and the sea”. It’s fairly good but as with all these tracks, there seems to be something missing from it — the problem stems from having to take a small section of the track to repeat. Some of the bits are ideal for that purpose, but unfortunately because they were meant as part of a bigger tune repeating them means that the track sounds like all buildup and no real tune! *sigh* I think I might just end up making my own melody one of these days 😉

Tomorrow I’m signing up for the temp agency. Fun fun fun. Still, I’d rather be earning than not — although the big difference between this summer and last summer is that this summer I won’t have a huge debt to work off so I’m not going to be desperate for money! Which means that if I don’t find work I’ll go into debt but not massively, I could probably just about survive without getting a job all summer.

Ok, that’s all for today!


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