More than 24 hours back at home now!

Yep, I’ve spent more than 24 hours back at home now! And I’ve quite enjoyed it so far. This afternoon I went into town, I bought three books by Douglas Adams (they were on buy three for the price of two in Waterstones.) Actually the offer was referring to paperback but the 3 for 2 sticker was on a hardback version of all the “Hitch Hiker’s Guide” books so I took it up and it seemed to work! I like it when that happens 🙂

And that’s just about all I did today. Apart from read, obviously. And spend some time on the internet.

I can’t remember mentioning it here (I think I did, but…) I applied for a placement a while ago. I sent them an email yesterday asking what the news was, and they basically said no. Here’s a clip from the email:

Unfortunately at this time, we are looking for someone with more experience in web design, although we were impressed with your work.

They were looking for someone with more experience in web design. I’m a student. I think most of the people who would apply for the placement would be students (given that the email was sent round on the student mailing lists). How much experience do they want? Ah well, typical I guess.

To the employment agencies on Monday, then…


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