Too many nephews and nieces…

We have some relatives staying for the weekend, my sister and two nephews and a niece. For some reason my youngest nephew (aged about 3 or 4) has decided that it is his duty to inform me of everything that he is doing whenever he sees me, and take it upon himself to ask me every question that crosses his mind. Oh, bless his little cotton socks! Yeah right…

I find myself retreating to my room fairly often to try and get some peace and quiet!

Apart from this… I went to see “2 Fast 2 Furious” yesterday with a friend of mine (Michael). It was pretty good! As opposed to the last film it actually had a storyline (compare with just being entirely about driving fast cars and then having a suggestion of a story somewhere around the middle and the end.

Haven’t done much today really. I went to the co-op to buy some Lemonade, so I can now make pints of blackcurrant and lemonade! I did try making one but unfortunately (a) the lemonade wasn’t cold enough, having only been in the fridge for about ten minutes… (b) I used too much blackcurrant stuff. Ah well, I’ll make a better one next time. Assuming noone else actually drinks the lemonade first…

Ok, I’m going to sign off now… one last thing though. Simon has removed the comments system from his online diary (NOT a blog! apparently…) because no-one ever uses it. Well mine doesn’t get used that often, but as he was the one who suggested that I add it (so he could disagree with me, which he hasn’t done as yet) I won’t remove it 🙂


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