I’m sure I made a post on this blog after Tuesday. Having said that, it’s still only Thursday so perhaps I didn’t.

I didn’t go and see the Fast and the Furious 2 yesterday; instead I’m going to go and see it tomorrow. Hopefully!

In case anyone is thinking about getting ADSL (BT’s broadband service) I’ve been looking at it the last few days. You don’t have to pay everything that BT charge you — if you get just the line-only service you can get some other components from other stores around the net, for example CCL Computers do a nice little wireless router for less than the BT Openworld Official Store does. Not surprising really, given that BT would probably only endorse technology that was the most expensive…

I’ve been having fun with my new sound system. Unfortunately the problem is that I can’t turn it up very loudly otherwise I’ll annoy neighbours and / or my parents. I probably won’t be able to turn it up too loud next year either given that I’ll have flatmates and neighbours and the walls aren’t particularly thick. Just like the walls at canterbury road, actually. At least I’ll have a bigger room though.

Have you noticed the subliminal message I’ve been trying to give throughout this post? 😉

I rang Manpower (the agency I’ve signed up with, although by the looks of it I’ll probably have to sign up with many more) today and they said that they had no work. Actually they said they had no “outstanding” work, in other words they’ve probably got some but just don’t like me. Typical.

That’ll be all. It’s good bye from me, and it’s good bye from my keyboard and mouse… and computer, phone *erk*


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