Woo-hoo! Make some noise!

My speakers have arrived 🙂 They came this morning. Well, technically it was half way between morning and afternoon (it arrived just as I was starting lunch.)

Unfortunately it meant that I had to trek half way across Ipswich to get some speaker cable (which, incidentally, cost £2.10 — that was a half hours walk in each direction…) But it was worth it! I recorded a mix this afternoon which I will be uploading sometime in the near future. Hopefully…

I began to type something there but I’ve completely lost the train of thought I was on so I’ll start afresh.

I have now finished reading my copy of the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! Only two more Douglas Adams books to go… but they’re a bit shorter! Tomorrow I’m going to see the Fast and the Furious 2. I’ve also got to chase up the temp agency about any work but I think I’ll wait and do that on Thursday! Hopefully they’ll have a big company want a lot of temps for work (for example, the Royal Mail last summer). It’s always good when that happens, you get regular work. It’s annoying not knowing what I’m going to do, especially considering that my bank balance is now about zero, but I guess it’ll just mean I have to trust God. I hate it when I have to do that 😉

Ok, so I said a few days ago that I wouldn’t be posting much over the holidays. I seem to have proved myself wrong over the past three days or so! Me being wrong? That’s almost unpossible…


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