Interesting, Mr. Bond…

… nearly had you for a second! I’d love to say that I’d done something interesting over the last couple of days. Unfortunately, I haven’t. I sent off an application form to the Royal Mail. That’s about it…

I see that Tim Henman has failed to live up to his name again. That guy could barely win a coin toss if he was under pressure, let alone Wimbledon… ah well. At least it’s not a given that Sampras is going to win these days (or any one player, in the final it could be either Federer or Philippoussis). Should be a good match, I’m looking forward to it!

Right, well, better get back to nothing.

(incidentally, since I believe Simon is a fairly avid reader of this blog, he’ll be pleased to know that I’ve kind of been working on a new design for Crossring. Admittedly I’ve just blatantly ripped off someone else’s, but hey… I might get it uploaded sometime soon. Or not. I dunno…)


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