No updates for Three Days! Shock! Horror!!

Oh well. It’s not like I’ve done anything interesting. Today I did some work! Woo-hoo! Blue Arrow rang me up out of the blue, saying that they needed someone to help move a house. Not, like, pick up a house and move it somewhere else. Pick up the furniture in the house and put it into a van so that it could move somewhere else. My muscles are now a bit sore, but feeling better than they did a few hours ago!

I’m working tomorrow at someone’s wedding, I’ll be sure to let you know how that one went. It will be interesting… I’m also working at Newmarket racecourse next Friday doing a similar kind of thing (catering, so probably emptying the bins outside or something…)

I’ve been watching a lot of Family Guy 🙂 Only four more episodes to go before I’ve seen the whole of Season Three!

And been reading Victory Over the Darkness and stuff. It’s all good!

This evening I chatted to Zoe (Foz’s sister. If you know neither Foz or Zoe, then don’t worry…) on the phone for about an hour. I hadn’t spoken to her since February, hence the long time!

And… that’s about it. Seeya!


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