The Weekend

I’m not too good on the whole imaginative names thing, am I? Oh well. What have I done since yesterday? Well… yesterday afternoon I went onto campus to do my radio show followed by the CU radio show on the Uni radio station. It was quite ‘interesting’ — only one of the decks was working! One was missing a headshell. So I had to muddle through with CDs from the shelves (I don’t usually bring CDs to my shows, only vinyl). Oh well, it was OK. CU show was good, Andy H and Alex came on and chatted.

Afterwards, a bunch of us (me, Alex, and some of the freshers) came back to our place for a video evening. It was good. First of all we watched “The Princess Bride”, then “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”, then some episodes of Dead Ringers. And we also ordered and ate some pizza. All in all, a rather enjoyable evening!

Then this morning I got up for Church… Mike spoke on a passage which is quite ‘infamous’ in the memories of those who went to a certain theology seminar last year. Well, the passage isn’t infamous, that particular seminar was quite interesting though. And then I came home, and didn’t really do much else.

Oh the fun! Got to do my final year project proposal, that has to be in this week by Wednesday. I’ll try and get around to doing it tomorrow!


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