I’m getting slack!

I’m on broadband, and I’m still not updating particular often! How shocking! Just goes to show how busy I’ve been. Yesterday, I went onto campus for my lecture at 12:00, and stayed on campus for a few hours. Then after my lecture at 4:00, I met up with Philippa and Alex and went round to Philippa’s place for Hot Chocolate and Cheese Toasties. Then I went to ASDA to do some shopping, came back home, went to the pub and stayed up til about midnight chatting to Philippa, Alex, Ash and Welsh Phil. Then I went to bed, because I had a 9:00 this morning!

So I went in to my group project meeting at 9:00 this morning. Suffice it to say that unfortunately I’m not doing Crossring for my final year project anymore. I’m sorry about that Simon et al, but I’m afraid it’s just not complicated enough. I realised this when I thought that if I worked on it quite a lot I could probably get it done in a couple of weeks, which isn’t really the idea of final year projects! So I’m doing a java web page editor instead. That should be quite challenging, I’m looking forward to it though! I really enjoy java programming, although I’m not particularly good at it…

Anyway. After that, I went to the SU bar for a bar breakfast with Alex and Philippa, then onto a computer lab to write up my final year project proposal. I handed that in to the general office, then went to my 1:00 lecture (Computer Vision… oh that was fun. Oh yes. Almost as fun as my CC257 lecture last Friday…) And after that, I went down to the chaplaincy for an hour, then to Mondo for a hot chocolate with Katie, Naomi, Alex and Lindsey (one of the fresher girls). It was originally meant to be with just Katie, then just with Katie and Naomi, then we met Alex and Lindsey down there as well. It’s all good fun!

So then I went to my 4:00 lecture. Afterwards, I grabbed an SX Express, then headed back to the Chaplaincy in readiness for Fusion leader training which was happening before CU. It went quite well! We’ve got some really good leaders this year, as we usually do (God has a way of working these things out ๐Ÿ™‚ But yeah, I’m looking forward to it. Leading a Fusion (Bible study) group last year was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, and I’m glad to be doing it again this year!

After that, came CU this evening, which went well. I felt a bit strange afterwards, so I didn’t go to the bar afterwards, going straight home instead.

Anyway. Now on to something a bit more interesting. This is…

Anne-Marie’s Theory of The Matrix Reloaded

Alright, having heard Anne-Marie’s theory about what’s going on in the Matrix Reloaded, and having seen it (after it arriving on DVD last Friday), I have to say that I agree with it. This is basically it. Zion is basically inside the Matrix as well. From what the Architect said in his speech, I think it makes sense. People who reject the Matrix are fed into ‘Zion’, which is still within the Matrix but it makes people a lot happier. They’re still under control, but because they believe that they’re actually outside the Matrix it doesn’t make much difference. This is borne out by Neo being able to stop the machines right at the end of the film — how could he do that if he wasn’t in a Matrix?

Now, I believe what the Architect said about Neo being a computer glitch. It does make sense. In the first film, I think it’s Morpheus who talks about how there was originally someone born inside the Matrix who freed other people (i.e., the first Neo). If there were previous Neos like the Architect claimed, that made sense. So when the Neo is born, they let him go for a while and then they reset the Matrix. The prophecy is a lie — the prophecy is just to make Neo go to the source, where he chooses six (or seven, whatever) people again and the Matrix is rebooted with the new parameters and starts all over again.

However, there is a twist in this particular version of the Matrix. This Neo has two things different. Firstly, he is in love with Trinity, which means that he heads back into the Matrix he knows. Secondly, there is the problem of Agent Smith. Now, we know from the films that Agent Smith can replicate himself. Let’s think about a theme of Reloaded for a second: control. Remember the scene with the Counsellor and Neo, down on the engineering level? They talk about control a lot. Do they control the machines, or do the machines control them? They could turn the machines off at any time — but if they did, they would then die. It’s a symbiotic relationship. This seems to be basically a Microcosm of the Matrix.

Now back to Agent Smith. We know that he takes over many people in the fight scene with Neo. Now, if you look at the trailer for Revolutions, there are hundreds and hundreds of Agent Smiths in one scene. Imagine that Agent Smith takes over every character in the Matrix. What would happen then? We know that he can ‘take over’ organic matter, because he managed to take over that guy and then try and kill Neo with the knife (before being thwarted). And, he is the only person left untouched by the machines at the end… So anyway.

What if Agent Smith becomes every single character in the Matrix? What then? Well, if Neo kills him, then the Matrix cannot survive… with the symbiotic relationship, the machines need people to survive. If there were no people there, then the Matrix would not be able to continue and would basically crash and burn. Of course, what happens after that is purely speculation. I think it would be quite funny if it turned out that Neo was just a butterfly dreaming that it was a man (they seem to like philosophy). There is so much comedy potential as well… I think it would be good if it was just Neo left, and he walked out of a building which turned out to be the Microsoft headquarters.

Anyway. These are just some crazy thoughts… sorry about the length of this post, but I was just a bit bored ๐Ÿ™‚


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