Today’s events

This morning, we (as in, everyone from our house except Ash) went onto campus for bag carrying. It wasn’t exactly the most succesful event we’ll ever do… I don’t think many people were moving in today! There was hardly anyone moving in at all! Ah well. We tried! So after that resounding unsuccess, we went down to the world cafe which went much better. I suppose around 30 new students came. Most of them were postgraduates and international, but there were one or two home students and undergrads. It was good!

After that, we had a committee meeting which just seemed to drag on interminably. I suppose I must have been tired… it wasn’t good! But eventually it finished. I met Phil, Alex, Philippa and a couple of the new students (Hayley and Andy H) in Top Bar for a quick drink, then headed into Wivenhoe to get fish and chips.

Then we watched some Dr Who, and now I’m writing this blog. Days condense amazingly when you type them out like this, don’t they? 🙂


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