Near the end of Fresher’s Week now!

… and I’m glad. Hasn’t been a bad week, just busy. This morning I spent a while chatting to Rich on the phone (Rich as in the guy from the DJ workshops). I had sent him a copy of my demo earlier this week, and he quite liked it!

Then it was lunch, then onto campus to register. Ah, registration! How fun. Still, my student loan has come through OK so I am now out of the red ๐Ÿ™‚ After registration I met Andy H and Lyndsey and Charlotte (some new freshers) and we went up to Top Bar to play pool for the afternoon. Paul came along, as well as Alex and his ex-flatmate (although they weren’t with us per se). So that was a good afternoon!

Then Sizzlers for dinner, then to Meet the CU. That went quite well, met a few new people. Met Anna Hunter (or is it Turner? Can’t remember…) who emailed me about the CU a while ago. And a few other people as well. Not many Freshers came, but it was a good time!

Anyway. Prayer & Praise tomorrow in the morning, followed by a Free Lunch. Not doing anything in the afternoon, then Cheesy Tunes (yay!) in the evening. Good day! ๐Ÿ™‚


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