Couple of days

Um, yeah. Right then. Wednesday… I didn’t really do much. Then went into town for our Fusion social, we went to Pizza Hut and then the cinema to watch “Elf”. It was a very good film actually! I’d recommend anyone to go and see it — very funny. Will Ferrell is perfect for the role, I wasn’t that impressed with him in Zoolander and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back but that was good 🙂

After that, I went onto campus with Philippa. The plan was to go to the Burma Campaign type thing night in Mondo, but we ended up not going because by the time we got down there, they weren’t letting anyone in. Ah well. We spent some time chatting, then went home.

Today, I went onto campus for 2:00, did some work for an hour, then met up with Philippa for a hot chocolate in Mondo. Paul came down as well. Then, it was back up for committee until theology seminar at six (rebranded ‘pizza seminar’, as it was more of a social). Then, I went to the bar for an hour with Philippa and her friend Nic. Then I went home, and played some Warcraft III with Ash… it was good fun! And then watched some Christmassy type fim which had Rowan Atkinson, Alan Cumming and Lenny Henry in it. I can’t remember what it was called but it was good!

Right, time time to go to bed now I think. G’night!


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