The Last Day of Term

Shocking! The last day of term has been and gone! So what did I get up to on this monumentous occasion? Well, I went onto campus for my Computer Vision class at 12:00. That was actually rather useful, I was worried that there wouldn’t be much of one but the stuff we did was all good 🙂 Then I decided to go to the campus shop and on the way bumped into Andy C chatting with Pete and Suzi. I stopped to say hello to them, and then Rich came along. I chatted to him for a bit, and he said that he was going to meet Philippa for lunch. So, I went round to Phil’s place with her and Richard, and we had some pasta for lunch. The plan was for me to go back onto campus and do some work, but … that sort of didn’t really happen. So I ended up staying round at Phil’s all afternoon (we watched some Morecambe and Wise — fantastic!) and then went to Tesco, then back to Wiv. We had dinner, and then went back onto campus for the last Cheesy Tunes of term!

It was actually pretty good last night. There was a bit in the middle where they were just playing a bunch of stuff that I didn’t really know, but they did play some good music and much fun was had by all. There are some pictures of it (plus many other events) on Andy C’s Website. There are also some photos up on the Campus Crew MSN group, but I think only members are allowed to look at those (so yah-boo…)

Anyway. After Cheesy, we went to Minging for a hot chocolate as per usual, and then back home, then to bed. I got up this morning, and didn’t really do much. I’ve been trying to do some work all day — even to the extent of coming onto campus to the computer lab! But I really don’t feel in a work kind of mood. I’m just sitting here looking at the XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) specifications on the World Wide Web Consortium’s Website, and just cannot make head nor tail of it. I think the best thing is just to give up for today and come back to it on Monday.

I’m going to meet up with Philippa in about half an hour, then just spend the evening with her. Well, some of the evening at least. Then go back home. I haven’t got a lift to Church tomorrow, I’m not actually sure whether I’ll be going. It’s been a rather hectic few weeks, I think I could use some time off! I will spend some time tomorrow working on Crossring. I’m doing a new design (or rather, have done) — I just have to finish it off and get some templates together. All things being well, it shouldn’t take too long to do!

Right then. That’s just about it for now. Over and out for now…


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