I forgot to mention, the other night I read through “A Grief Observed” by CS Lewis. At least, I think I forgot to mention it. I might not have… anyway, I’ll say it again. It was pretty good actually! Although it was about a bad experience (losing his wife), it does actually end on a relatively positive note. And I like any book that gets me to think about a different aspect of God!

Anyway. What have I been up to today? Went into town to watch “Return of the King”. It was really good, apart from being in the cinema from 2:00 until about 5:30 (three and a half hours worth of film, more or less). We went in a group, with me, Alex, Chris T, Ash and Ian and Philippa. Afterwards me, Phil, Alex and Ash went back to Ian’s place and got a pizza. Then me, Ash and Alex came home and watched a few episodes of Futurama.

Overall, a very enjoyable day! I don’t feel in the mood for bed just yet, so I think I’ll watch a random film or something before going. Yay for the greasy chipmunk…


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