It’s been a busy few days!

Sorry I haven’t updated at all over the past few days. I’ve been rather busy, as I’m sure you will appreciate! I did try and update once over the weekend but unfortunately Blogger was down at the time. Nevermind.

Right, what have I been up to since I last posted, almost a week ago? Right. Thursday: fairly quiet kind of day. Philippa came round in the evening, a few of us went to the Wivenhoe Fish and Chip shop to get dinner, and then we watched “Bernard and the Genie” again, followed by a couple of episodes of “Spaced.” Then went to bed.

Friday morning, I packed. Phil went onto campus because she had to print out and hand in an essay. My Dad came and picked us up early afternoon, and then we went back to Ipswich. Friday evening we watched “Top Secret”, then went to bed.

Saturday we spent in Woodbridge. It was a really good day, I took Phil around all the places where I grew up… she seemed to be quite interested, so I just rambled on… It is a lovely place though! Would have been better had it not been for the wind and the rain, but hey — that’s winter in England for you. In the evening, we went to the pub with Tom and then headed back to his place for a while, then caught the bus home.

Sunday, we went to Church in the morning. It was a production of “The Grumpy Shepherd”, I really enjoyed it. Christmas is a little ‘cheesy’ in places, but I think that’s one of the reasons why people love it so! After lunch, me and Phil caught the train back to Colchester (back to her place), and then her parents picked me and her up and took us back to Pett’s Wood, down in Orpington, London. Her parents are very very nice people!

That evening we just watched a film, “This is Spinal Tap.” Then we had a random chat until the small hours of the morning (well it wasn’t that late really, but when you’re not at uni everything feels a bit later). The next day we went into Central London. It was good fun, we had a good wander round. I actually found a place that I hadn’t been to since I was in year 12… we went to see a play (Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House”) for my English Literature course. Anyway, we went for a bit of wander than and went to a pub… me and Phil found the same pub that we’d been to about four years ago. It was a bit strange going back! Also, we met up for a coffee with Rich, from the DJ Workshops ast year. He’s working in London at the moment, it was nice to see him again! And in the evening, we went to the pub with a few of Phil’s friends. That was a good evening!

Anyway. This morning, we went into Bromley. Did a bit of Christmas shopping and stuff. Then came back home, had lunch, watched Monty Python’s “And Now for Something Completely Different”. Then Phil played me some of the stuff that she’d composed around GCSE and A-Level. It was really very good! Well, I thought so at least. I might do a remix of one of the tracks, or at least play around with it a bit on FL Studio.

Then I came home. Phil came with me to Liverpool Street Station. The journey back was good, took about ten minutes longer than they said but cool. Overall, a very good few days! London is a nice place — I’m not sure that I’d like to live there though. I guess it’s just that you always have a special place in your heart for where home is… I’m glad that I’m back in Ipswich! London is absolutely huge, whilst I’d love to explore a bit more I much prefer small towns such as Woodbridge.

Anyway. Sorry this has been a bit of an epic. Just one more thing to update you on. I’ve got my mark back for CC361 Computer Vision. I got 90%!!! Yay!!! I’m so happy — I thought I’d have trouble scraping a 2:1 with that one. Anyway, I’d better end this now. See you later!

Phill, the man with the plan and the white van about the scan of the jam. Or something…


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