Tuesday and Wednesday

Once again, not a whole lot to say. Tuesday… went onto campus at 10:00 for a bar breakfast with Philippa, Alex and Emily’s Chris. Then I did some work on my project, then went to my lecture, had lunch with Matthew in the bar, went down to the chaplaincy, met up with Philippa and went to her place briefy to pick up some stuff. Then we went down to Mondo to meet with Nic for a while. Then I went up to Sizzlers for a while to meet people before CU, then went to CU (which was very good, incidentally — well done Andy B!) then home.

It was rather a random evening. Alex lost his phone on the way back home, so Alex, Philippa and I headed back onto campus (or almost all the way) to look for it. We eventually found it on the rugby field… anyway. Then we drank wine, and watched some of League of Gentlemen Live, an episode of “Spaced” and an episode of “Reeves & Mortimer.” Then we finally got to bed at about 3:00AM… Philippa stayed the night on the airbed.

Poor old Phil… she left her phone at the house! She left about 11:00 this morning. Anyway, long story short I sent a text to her flatmate, and I gave it back to her in town this afternoon, as I had to go in to get my hair cut. So. We headed back to her placee to have dinner, then onto campus for Fusion. Then we all watched “The Last of the Mohicans”… well I didn’t watch, so much as sleep through it. Ah well.

I’m tired. I’m off to bed now… just listening to some records I got today. Nice 🙂


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