Thursday and Friday

Wow, I’ve been imaginative with titles this week. Could just be because I haven’t been in a particularly imaginative mood — I’ve been working… anyway. Yesterday, I went onto campus for 11:00 to meet up with Philippa in Mondo. Alex was meant to be there was well, but unfortunately he was ill with a cold. Thursdays is apparently Phil and Alex’s theological discussion time, so me and Phil did have a small theological discussion about what was said at Fusion 🙂

After that, I went to a computer lab to do some work… then met Paul at 1:30 in Mondo, then went to my prayer triplet at 2:30, then went to a computer lab to do some more work, then went to the committee meeting at 4:00, then went to theology seminar at 6:00, after that headed to Joe’s for a little while, then went back home and managed to get a lift with Paul. All in all, not a bad day! After I got back home I spent two or three hours working on my Computer Vision assignment. I think it was about that amount of time… I received “Classical Chillout Gold” in the post (5 CDs for 12.99 from — not bad!) and I listened to two and a bit CDs of that while I was working.

This morning, I came onto campus for my 12:00 class, and then went to a computer lab to do some work. Anyway, this brings me to where I am now, which is sitting in a computer lab not wanting to do any work. I’ve done most of my Computer Vision assignment… the tricky part is just bringnig myself to do the last part. I’m nearly there, but I need to finish it off! It’s almost always the finishing off that I find hardest, the last push before the end. Ah well, I will get that done at some point soon, hand it in next Monday and then I’ll get to spend most of next week working on my project (oh, I can’t wait…)

Anyway – that’s what’s been happening with me. Now I’m signing off, do a little bit more of my assignment…


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