Happy New Year!

Happy new year everybody! I hope that you had a good one. Mine wasn’t too bad. I spent the evening at home! Anyway. What have I been doing, I hear you say? (You must be speaking very loudly, unless you’re relatively close to me…) *ahem*. Anyway. Yesterday, I did pretty much the same that I did on Monday. Today was almost the same, except that I went into town this morning. Bought a couple of bits in the sales – “Johnny English” on DVD and “Fight Club” on VHS. I watched Johnny English this afternoon; it’s actually pretty good! Definitely worth watching. I saw it at the cinema when it came out, but good to now own it on DVD 🙂

I chatted to Philippa for about half an hour on the phone. Then we had dinner… then I tried composing some music (disastrous!) so I have resolved to learn some music theory and actually do it properly. Anyway. Then I watched a film with my parents (a Perry Mason film), chatted to them for a bit, then came up here to … I dunno. Send an email or two, write this!

Might even *gulp* read through some notes on music theory before I go to bed! Scary or what?…

Happy new year everybody! May it bring you prosperity and happiness. And if not that, at least a banana or something. Or possibly a small monkfish. Named Bob. You can never have too many of them…


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