Another Update

Haven’t got much to update you on. I didn’t meet up with Philippa yesterday, as the German Play rehearsal went on for a bit longer than expected, and she was fairly tired afterwards! I did, however, get some of my theology seminar planned, which was good. Then I, uh, chatted for a while, then went to bed.

This morning I went onto campus, did my DJing stint in Mondo for an hour at 1:00. That went pretty well, apart from having to keep it fairly quiet! Alex, Philippa and Paul came down. Alex and Paul had to go before I finished, but afterwards I stayed and had a drink with Phil for a bit. Then down to my Mobile Robots lab… I don’t know why, but I feel a bit better about it than I did last week. Perhaps it was because the GTA was actually teaching us stuff about Aria that we actually needed to know (Aria is the robot simulator and programming type software thingy).

Anyway. Then I went back to Mondo with Philippa, Alex and Gemma. And then I went to Tesco with Alex, then came back home…

Not much to say! There is one thing, though… the past few days I’ve been working on a little piano piece. I actually quite like it… it’s very short though! Download the MP3 if you want to have a listen. I haven’t put any dynamics in yet, it’s still a work in progress – but see what you think. As for the name, Matthew said that I ought to try writing a Sonata… this isn’t a Sonata, but it’s based around a pattern of sorts, so I decided to call it: “Sultana in Sea Shanty” (mentally insert the sound of comedy drums here).

Any comments, drop me a line 🙂


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