Quick update

Right. Friday… went onto campus for 11:00, stayed in lectures and classes until about 3:00, then went home. Didn’t really do much in the evening, Anne-Marie, Esther and Philippa and Ian came round and we chatted about ‘bin 39’ (more on that some other time).

Yesterday, I went on a day away with the committee (put on by the chaplaincy). It was really good, time just to spend smoe time with God, just to reflect, relax and generally be quiet for a while! I think it did me good. Got home about 6:00ish… Anne-Marie and Philippa came round, and we chatted and stuff.

Today, I went to Fordham this morning as per usual. Then I went round to Simon and Phil B’s place for the Crossring meeting. It went well actually, although it wasn’t a very short meeting it did go quite quickly. Oh, and here’s a picture of the Crossring team:

Anyway, I think now I’m going to go to the bar, hang around there for a while, and I’m meeting Philippa at 8:00 and then doing, I don’t know, maybe the quiz or something. It’s all good…


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